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Know UR Body’s Limitations When UR Working Out

Yasmin Karachiwala

Pilates Master Instructor

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We all dream of having a perfect body and there’s nothing wrong in that! In search of overnight results, we sometimes end up pushing our bodies too far. You might be looking to lose the lockdown weight fast and push your body really hard. Without putting in the time and effort towards being fit first, it is not possible. That’s where we can go wrong while we are working out. Working out is more about being aware of your body’s limits and understanding what works for you rather than getting easily distracted with someone else’s workout results. Well, there’s a way to avoid these cardinal workout mistakes and refine your workout routine.

In the same path, we find ourselves trying a trending routine that gives us the toned body with minimal to no efforts. This majorly happens when we get inspired by other’s routines and want the same kind of results without knowing the effort which goes into it.

There are three stages which can define your workout levels

  • Beginners are people who never worked out or made working out as a part of their daily schedule.
  • Intermediate have a routine and are at it for some time.
  • Advanced are ones who work out every day and follow a certain set of workout routine.

Depending on which category you fall under, your body type, BMI and other elements your instructor can easily suggest a workout routine which can work in your favour.

I’ve seen many trainers do the complete opposite too, so make sure your trainer doesn’t push you too much. During the current times, where people do not prefer to go out, hitting the gym is not an option. The next best option is to keep up with their trainers virtually. This contributed to me making content on workouts and modifications.

The training sessions on social media are making working out at home accessible to everyone. With so many videos being easily available it is hard for people to find the source of information and assess the reality of the workout videos.

How You Decide Your Workout Routine

Depending on body type, every exercise has to be customized to individual needs and limitations. People are trying these exercises with the hope that the harder they work, the more fit they become. But all they end up with is sore muscles, and still, some go at it day in day out until they stretch it too far – encounter a spasm or muscle strain.

For example, if you are about 70 kilos and are overweight according to the BMI (Body Mass Index), taking up an hour of advance training on the first day (beginner) eventually exhausts your body. In the same way, people with medical conditions or injuries might not be able to exercise the same way in these fad workout videos.

Be Mindful Of
1. Identify your level of fitness

Before beginning a workout, make sure you understand your needs and learn the right way to develop your strength. If you are new to start working out, start walking around the house for 10 minutes and increase the time limit as days pass by. To be fit, you need to spend the time, stick to the routine and build your core strength brick by brick.

2. Recognize your body’s needs

Comparing yourselves to another’s routine or other’s fitness levels. Work with your body instead of overworking it. For example, if a person never did a push-up in life, they wouldn’t know how to do it and couldn’t do it properly. It is crucial to follow what your instructor and if you are not comfortable with an exercise, tell your trainer.

3. Set realistic expectations

Your body is unique and it falls on you to be mindful of it, nurture it by selecting the right set of exercises. Setting realistic expectations and achieving them one day at-a-time helps you achieve your fitness goals in a healthy manner.

4. Give your body rest

Resting your body is vital for recovery. Recovery time helps build your muscles the right way. Your instructor should always help you become aware of your resting days when you start a routine.

Expert advice:

It is highly important for you to discuss your medical history with your trainer to avoid injuring yourself any further.

Fitness is a journey and working with your body is what you should be doing. Don’t push your body too hard just because you saw someone doing it. Don’t forget that you have to live in it for the rest of the day! Take it one day at-a-time and you will be surprised that you’re closer to your fitness goals than before!

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