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8 Ways A Fitness Trainer Can Motivate UR Fitness Journey

K.Vijay Simha

Bachelor in Physiotherapy, Exercise Scientist, Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist

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Positive Approach

Always speak positively with the client regarding their progress or results. Remind them why they started training in the first place. It would help if you were the positive chip on their shoulder through the good and the bad times of their progress. UR clients should feed off on UR positive energy.

Social Media

Social Media

Try and motivate UR client to post their training videos and results on their social media platform. Get them connected to UR gym community or group for support from other fitness enthusiasts.

Set Realistic & Achievable Goals

Speak to UR client, set attainable goals and create deadlines for the goals so that they stay motivated to reach their goals. Tell them the initial steps are hard, but as days pass by it will become comfortable and easy.

Ensure each workout has an excellent peak and a good ending – this could be as simple by using timing or rearranging sets. Always find new ways to make working out fun.

Fitness Challenges

Fitness Challenges

Giving small achievable fitness challenges to UR clients keeps them motivated, as nobody knows UR client better than you. Appreciate them for their successful completion of the challenge.

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Variety In Workouts

Try to design workout plans that are varied and interesting. Ensure each workout has an excellent peak and a good ending – this could be as simple as using various timing or rearranging sets. Always find new ways to make working out fun.

Be There For UR Client

Be There For UR Client

Talk to UR clients every day regarding their progress. You can also assist them in buying the right gear for their training. Be attentive to the client all throughout the training session and keep appreciating their efforts for every set they do.

Educate The Client

Help UR client understand the importance of physical assessment parameters and body composition analysis stats. These help in setting their goals based on their individual stats and will help you and UR trainer understand what can be done to achieve UR fitness goals. You can also ask UR trainer to share a few functional fitness motivational articles to get the ball rolling.

Encourage The Use Of Fitness Gadgets

Encourage The Use Of Fitness Gadgets

With a plethora of options to choose from you can easily suggest a few fitness trackers and gadgets for UR client to use to track their fitness journey. Activity tracking devices leave no room for excuses as they monitor UR daily step count, sleep cycle,heart rate, weight, calories burnt and more. From GPS to heart rate watches and phone apps, there are plenty of options that help you cover almost every activity you want to track. There is no better motivation than trying to perfect UR previous performances. Where there is a will, there is always a way.