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5 Easy Exercises You Can Do At Home

Yasmin Karachiwala

Pilates Master Instructor

5 min read

When you brought UR work home, why not do the same with UR workout routine? Going out and hitting the gym with UR buddies is now a far-fetched idea with the current situation. But that should not come in the way of you and UR fitness. Now you can boost UR immunity and strengthen UR body with these five simple exercises, which you can do at home every day without any equipment. For beginners who want to give it a try, don’t worry, these exercises are perfect for you!

1. Squats

We sit and stand for so many hours in a day, especially when we are working or even watching T.V. The muscles that are used during squatting are essential as these are the same muscles we need to sit and stand without any discomfort. When we sit for long hours we weaken and avoid utilising and strengthening the muscles. Generally, people with knee problems hesitate or are afraid to try squats as they believe that it might make the pain unbearable. The truth is if you squat the right way and hold that position, it helps you relieve stiffness, pain, improves UR posture and quality of life. If you don’t do anything to strengthen these muscles then, you will experience pain doing something as easy as sitting or standing. You just need a few adjustments until you find the right position to squat.

How To Do It

How To Do It

Step 1: Stand firmly with UR back against the wall, place UR legs in front shoulder-width apart.

Step 2: Slide UR back against the wall and stand in the squat position.

Step 3: Hold this position for 10 seconds.

Step 4: Work at increasing UR hold for 5 seconds more each time until you can reach one minute. That is what is going to strengthen UR muscles.

If you are new to squats, start with sitting and standing up in a chair.

Step 1: Stand in front of a chair.

Step 2: Push UR glutes into the chair and then come back up, it should be as if you are kissing the chair.
Start with the beginners’ position to understand and adjust to do squats. Build your core strength until you are ready to do the right form of squats.

Tip: Some people might not be comfortable in their knees while squatting. Find a foot position that is comfortable for UR knee by spreading UR legs a little wider.

2. Wall Push-ups

Comparatively, women struggle a bit to do a push-up. With a simple modification, you can extend UR shoulder and upper back muscles with a wall push-up.

Step1: Stand in front of a wall.
Step 2: Place UR hands on the wall.
Step 3: Lean in towards the wall and come right back up.
Step 4: Then you can also try an inclined push-up.

There are various types of push-ups you can do to build strength.

3. Back Extensions

3. Back Extensions

The idea of maintaining a posture while sitting or working on a computer at home became bizarre. A couch or comfortable chairs like recliners became a popular choice to sit for long hours without getting up and work. Even if you are using an office chair, UR back is stretched, shoulders are hunched, and the neck is in a lean-forward position. Anyone would need to work on their back muscles to get UR posture back into place.

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How To Do It

Step 1: On a mat, lie on your stomach with hands by your side, feet can be together or apart.
Step 2: While Inhaling, draw the abdominal muscles in and press into the palms of the hand to lift the chest off the mat, into a back extension.
Step3: Exhale to lower the body back.
Step 4: Make sure to keep the neck in line with the spine.

Doing this will strengthen UR spine health and strengthens UR lower back. If you favour spending a lot of time in front of the TV, I suggest you come forward and rest UR face on UR two fists right below UR chin supported by UR elbows. This way, you get to be on UR stomach.

Tip: If you lie on the floor and take the help of UR elbows, UR upper body and spine are getting some extension and relieves pressure off UR back.

4. Core - Abdominal

4. Core - Abdominal

Try planks, they are more effective than crunches and work out every muscle group in UR body. When we say core muscles, it doesn’t just stop at UR abdominal muscles, it also includes UR upper back, lower back, spine muscles and pelvic region. When UR planking make sure UR body is in a straight line from UR head to UR heels, keep UR hip flexors open by keeping UR glutes engaged.

How To Do It

Step 1: Start by placing UR forearms on the ground similar to an L-shape from UR shoulder to UR forearms.
Step 2: UR shoulders should always be directly above UR elbows.
Step 3: UR forearms are pressing into the floor so that you stabilise the shoulder and widen UR chest.
Step 4: Keep UR hip flexors open so that it keeps UR glutes engaged.

5. Upper-body – Triceps

5. Upper-body – Triceps

Most women accumulate fat in their arms, I call them ‘bye-bye arms’. With the tricep muscles being the least worked muscles. This exercise engages UR triceps and glutes.

Step 1: With UR hands just outside of the hips, sit on a chair or bench. Make sure to keep UR knees bent.
Step 2: Lift up with UR hands and lower down until you are at about 90 degrees. While doing this, keep in mind that UR hips are very close to the chair or bench and elbows are bent.
Step 3: Keep the elbows pointing behind you, UR shoulders down and UR abdomen engaged.
Step 4: Push back to start again and repeat.