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Body Building Drugs Affect Fertility! Get UR Answers Now.

Dr Subhash K Wangnoo

M.D. DM (Endo.), FRCP (London), FACE (USA)

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Building the body of UR dreams takes many years – it requires discipline, training hard and eating a good diet. There’s no magic product or supplement. There’s also no substitute for hard work and dedication. As athletes R always trying to beat the competition, they turn to supplements to enhance their muscle mass, power output and strength.

This is because the overall performance of these activities depends on the size of the muscles, muscle strength and power. Some of these strength sports include bodybuilding, weight lighting, powerlifting and so on. When athletes want to enhance their power and muscle strength they start taking substances like anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS).

While anabolic refers to the promotion of growth, androgenic suggest the increasing of male sex characteristics due to testosterone which is the main male sex hormone. The consumption of these steroids comes with potential side effects which could be many. Various parts of the body can be affected. This includes the muscles, bones, liver, nervous system, kidneys, reproductive system, hair follicles etc.

Even though advanced strength exercises and conditioning exercises can immensely help athletes achieve their goals, some of them even end up taking PEDs or performance-enhancing drugs.

One of the main PEDs athletes use is AAS – these steroids are known to not only increase muscle mass but power and speed as well. Those taking AAS experience weight gain, strength gain and lean body mass. This is why sports supplements are so popular, not only among athletes but gym-goers as well.

Some products that contain steroids are marketed illegally as muscle enhancers, dietary supplements and steroid alternatives.The bodybuilding supplements which athletes take to increase muscle mass and strength can have some ingredients that are harmful for health. If taken in large amounts, it can cause liver failure, hearth problems, cancer, infertility (for both males and females), low sperm count, low libido and so on. For females, these steroids can cause acne and masculine features.

Understanding the ingredients, the purpose of such fat burning supplements and the side effects is very important.

Synthetic growth hormone is available in oral form and injectable form. Being aware of such products is very important. Some of these products don’t even pass safety standards and it could be very dangerous to consume them. The synthetic growth hormone is also widely used due to its capacity to burn fat, reduce recovery time, make the joints and ligaments stronger and for curing tissue that may be damaged. Many people who desire a chiseled body may choose to take such supplements to increase their muscle growth and increase lean body mass.

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One of the most popular supplements for muscle-building is protein powders. An important aspect of our diet is protein. It is required to build and maintain muscles and body tissue. Protein contains amino acids which are vital for muscle growth – it is considered to be the building blocks of the body. Protein powders are legally available and come in the form of bars, capsules and shakes as well.

These protein products R taken before, after and even during training to increase performance and aid recovery. Users even include them in their meals and drink them as a snack. But it’s best to go natural. You can get these same benefits by including protein-rich foods to UR diet. A protein shake which is often had in between meals is not ideal as a meal replacement – it is not as nourishing as a balanced meal and lacks essential nutrients. It has also been proven that the long-term consumption of too much protein can increase the risk of osteoporosis and can make existing kidney problems worse.

To enhance the protein content of UR meals, you can include certain protein-rich foods or if UR planning on taking a protein supplement, ensure it’s a reputed brand. U should check the label carefully too for the correct serving and don’t get tempted to take more. Don’t consider it as a quick way to achieve UR fitness goals. If UR not sure and confused about which protein supplements to take – ask UR doctor or dietician for help.

This pertains to fat-burning supplements as well. There are many consumers for such products. Reducing fat and getting a toned body is what everybody desires. Unfortunately, there is no product that will magically help to melt the kilos away! These products R not as effective as they claim to be – sometimes, they may even make it more difficult to burn fat!

Understanding the ingredients, the purpose of such fat burning supplements and the side effects is very important. Don’t turn to fat burners to burn fat because they really don’t! It’s better to rely on a good workout to burn calories and regularly eat a healthy diet. U could choose to go the natural way by consuming ingredients that burn fat.

Caffeine is a popular ingredient used in supplements that claim to burn fat. It is known to stimulate thermogenesis. This means it heats up the body and boosts metabolism. Since caffeine promotes fat burning, it would be good to opt for tea or coffee in their natural form. But remember, not to overdo it. Some adverse side effects of caffeine include tachycardia (fast heart rate), nervousness, sleep disturbance, upset stomach, anxiety and restlessness. U can aim to consume lesser calories than U burn to create an ideal caloric deficit and to enhance fat burning.