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8 Simple Chair Yoga Poses to Recharge Your Body and Mind


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The average adult spends 60-75% of their waking hours seated. Chair yoga, that uses the chair as a prop for yoga, is the perfect solution for getting a workout daily without getting up from the chair.

Most of us spend too much time sitting, and this has increased exponentially since working from home started during the pandemic. This sedentary lifestyle can cause serious harm to our bodies in the long run. Chair yoga modifies traditional yoga asanas into easy poses that can be done while seated.

Chair Yoga is suitable for people who are new to yoga, confined to a desk at work, or unable to execute traditional yoga poses because of aging, injury or disability. Yoga therapist Shammi Gupta says, “It helps greatly with psychosomatic problems like frozen shoulders, back pain, sluggish hamstrings, cervical spondylosis, and issues related with respiration and digestion.”

Gupta advises taking ten minutes out of your daily life to do this simple Chair yoga flow twice a day. The poses are divided into three different segments, Chair Cardio, Chair Strength Building and Chest Opening. These postures will enhance your oxygen intake, and ease any nagging aches and pain of your body.

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