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Are Your PMS Symptoms Weird? That’s Absolutely, Normal.

D Tejaswi

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It’s not all in your head! Blame those headaches, anxious thoughts, fatigue and acne on PMS. Here’s why these symptoms peek around your period.

The conversation around menstruation and women’s health issues such as PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) still remains a taboo or a joke for some reason. It’s not uncommon to find references in pop culture, online series or movies where women are subjected to remarks such as “It’s all in your head” or “Why are you complaining? Doesn’t this happen to you every month?” PMS shaming is a harsh reality.

“Unfortunately, awareness about hormonal changes that occur during PMS is lacking—even among educated women and men,” says Dr. Anuradha Panda, obstetrician and gynaecologist, Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad. However, this does not mean that PMS is an experience felt by just a minority of women. A study conducted by The National Medical Journal of India says that 62 percent of women experience some or the other (major or minor) symptoms of PMS. In 25 to 35 percent of women, it is a worrisome problem that requires specialised consultation and in 5 to 10 percent it becomes grave, due to the seriousness of symptoms such as severe fatigue, paranoia, difficulty in concentrating and coordinating, finds a study Premenstrual syndrome: a neglected public health problem.

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