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Snacks For Cyclists

Shalini Manglani

Nutrition Advisory

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The cyclist community that I advise is always looking for a quick and easy energy bite/snack to carry on their ride. They want it packed in material that will open quickly – sometimes with their mouth and one hand. Here are four simple snacks for cyclists or for anyone who needs a quick gluten-free energy bite made at home. Here is a simple recipe for cyclists inspired by the cyclist Biji Thomas and three other ideas for people on the go.

Rice cake

Cooked Rice
Peanut butter
Raisins or Sugar
Mix, mash, press into a rectangular cake dish and cut into 2.5 inches x2.5 inch squares Add salt and use coconut milk to make it sticky.
Note: A savoury version of the same can be made by replacing the peanut butter with kadleypudi. Coconut milk can be substituted with ghee. If it is for a child's school snack, add shredded vegetables if the child is comfortable.


Deli sandwich with peanut butter/ peanut chutney/kadley pudi mixed in ghee

Another way to go about this is to use two small pre-prepared idlis and make an idli sandwich with peanut butter inside. Lightly flatten two idlis and apply a tablespoon of peanut butter or peanut chutney in the middle. And pack as desired.


Paniyarams at home with peanut butter or peanut chutney or kadleypudi stuffing

I usually don't use aluminium wrapping, but it is the easiest to tear with the mouth for avid cyclists.


Another simple solution for cyclists is to carry readymade chikki squares

I usually don't like to add too much fibre for the cyclist, so they don't have to stop for the bathroom, but in case you are using these recipes for children the grain can be changed and shredded carrot can be added to the panirayam.

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